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Elements of the second Il-112V prototype are delivered to TsAGI

27 December 2018

The elements of the light military transport aircraft IL-112V (0102) were transported from Voronezh to Zhukovsky, Moscow region. The Zhukovsky Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI, a member of the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”) received the fuselage of the Il-112V.

The aircraft’s elements were delivered in several transport stages. At the first stage they delivered the stabilizer, aileron, flaps, as well as a few dozen of containers with smaller parts of the aircraft’s construction. It was transported to TsAGI from the territory of the Voronezh Aircraft Production Association. At the second stage they delivered the wing sections.

Specialists from the Ilyushin Aviation complex (PJSC “IL”) and TsAGI will have to make the airframe’s final assembly in the hall of static and endurance tests of the Institute, where the IL-112V was brought in. Then they will begin preparations for isolated testing of individual units and full static resource research.

The next step will be a test of the entire airframe. The airframe will be set at a special stand which will simulate the load on aircraft in all flight modes and record numerous parameters, characterizing the aircraft and its components’ behavior. The liner is tested in TsAGI to confirm the design solutions in terms of static and fatigue strength. During the research the aircraft will undergo repetitive loadings, imitating not less than 5000 flights. The experiments will last for about two years.

The Il-112V is the first military transport aircraft, which is completely developed in the post-Soviet period. Today there is a great necessity for the aircraft; it is required to join the Russian Aerospace Forces.

The plane is developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex (JSC Il) — the pilot factory of the United Aircraft Corporation. The aircraft contains only Russian components and units; there have been applied some of the advanced technologies of the aircraft industry.

The Il-112V is intended for transportation and air drop of light weapons models and military equipment, cargo gross mass up to 5 tons and personnel, as well as a wide variety of goods in commercial aircraft operation. The Il-112V is able to come in for a landing at automatic flight under ICAO Category II standard. The manual approach is provided for the poorly equipped and unequipped landing airfields, including dirt runaway surfaces.

It is a monoplane and it enables the aircraft’s weight saving. Its length is 24.15 m, the height is 8.89 m, and the wingspan reaches 27.6 m. The Il-112V will develop a cruising speed of 450-500 km/h. Its maximum altitude is 7600 m, the range is 2,400 km with 3,500 kg load. Its maximum takeoff weight is 21 tones.

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