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TsAGI scientists author an innovative composite material solution

18 December 2017

The aviation market has a high demand for carbon fiber construction materials. The research of TsAGI’s scientists is key to meeting this demand. An example is the creation of hybrid composite shock-resistant material, as well as the accompanying manufacturing technologies for aerospace structures. The authors became finalists of the II Aerospace Innovative Projects Competition, which took place within the frameworks of the 5th Annual Exhibition “VUZPROMEXPO-2017.” The presentation of the research took place in December, 14th at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.

The work in question is part of a large project aimed at creating aircraft, consisting of composite materials with a new type of load-carrying structures. The practical effect of TsAGI specialists’ performance became the shock-resistant material. This was made possible by the addition of layers of aramid fabric to its structure. The material is also composed of low-molecular elastomer plastic and thermoplastics, which improved the technological properties of the material and increased tensile strength of fibers 10-30%.

The scope of application of these achievements is significant. “Aviation and shipbuilding, transport infrastructure, the construction industry, power engineering, transport engineering, nonferrous metal industry — this is not a complete list of areas where you can use this new material,” said Georgy Vodovozov, the head of the Project, Engineer of the Department of Static and Thermal strength of TsAGI.

The Competition is focused on search, support and promotion of innovative projects, which are the results of successful scientific and technological research and developments. In addition to the work of the Russian Center for aeronautical science, the jury praised the achievements of scientists of PJSC “Rocket-Space Corporation Energia by S. P. Korolev,” Moscow Aviation Institute, Southern Federal University, LLC “Sibradiotekh”, JSC “SPE ‘Istok’ by Shokin.” The Competition was organized by TsAGI. The event was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the infrastructural and educational programs, the Fund for the Promotion of Innovation, the Skolkovo Foundation.

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