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Sergey Chernyshev, the Director General of TsAGI elected as a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

28 October 2016

On October 24-27, 2016, the election of associate members and fellows of the Academy took place. Sergey Chernyshev, the Director General of TsAGI, was voted to be a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences representing the Department of power engineering, machine-building, mechanics and control processes.

S. Chernyshev was born in 1955 into a family of a military man. In 1978 he graduated with honors from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and started to work in TsAGI in the field of aircraft aerodynamics.

The sphere of professional interests of S. Chernyshev covers numerical methods of aerodynamics, laminar flow control, sonic boom, and various-application aircraft conceptual design. A considerable part of his scientific career has been devoted to research of the creation of a new-generation supersonic passenger aircraft.

A more detailed biography of S. Chernyshev may be found here.

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