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TsAGI develops its cooperation with European partners

19 October 2016


This autumn Evgeny Andreev, Head of the TsAGI’s European contact bureau, and other experts from the Institute held a meeting with foreign partners in Brussels. The dialogue took place during the information day of the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union for Research and Innovation.

The event was arranged in connection with the announcement of a competition for the participation or aeronautical centers to create an environmental air transport-of-the-future within joint projects from 2017 to 2018. Leading European organizations, such as DLR, OPERA, NLR, CIRA, Airbus, SAFRAN, Dassault, Thales and others are traditionally involved in research work in this area.

TsAGI representatives held talks with colleagues to discuss the issues of reducing aircraft sound exposure, emission levels, use of alternative fuels in aviation, etc.

“TsAGI proved itself worthy during its participation in the framework programmes,” explained Evgeny Andreev, Head of the TsAGI European contact bureau. “The Institute is engaged in many scientific and research projects in the field of aeronautics. Our scientists, by taking part in such international cooperation projects, make a significant contribution to the solution of global environmental problems. And today we are one of the key Russian participants of the Horizon 2020 programme,” he concluded.

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