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TsAGI introduces new production technologies for aerodynamic model parts

1 December 2015

The specialists of the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) are currently working on developing a new technology to simplify the process of manufacturing thin-wall and low-stiffness parts and components of aircraft aerodynamic models.

Gleb Gubanov, Junior Research Scientists of TsAGI’s Research and Manufacturing Complex, noted: “One of the main problems in the processing of thin-wall parts, e.g. compressor blades, is the vibration of parts caused by cutting forces. This condition may adversely affect the accuracy and quality of processing, even to damaging the part. To solve the problem, we have developed special vibration dampers. They are attached to the part itself, thus being a universal tool applicable for parts of different shapes. Vibration energy of a part is dissipated due to air (having some viscosity) flowing inside the damper.”

Vibration dampers are fixed to the opposite side of the half-milled part using glue or vacuum before finishing the opposite side. Konstantin Deev, Senior Engineer of TsAGI’s Research and Manufacturing Complex, said: “The vertical position of blades finished on one side, then using the damper on that side for completion of the milling allows increased options to fix more than one blade in the tool.”

In order to ensure vacuum fixing of vibration dampers without using any hoses and cables within the working area of the machine, a special autonomous pressurized vacuum station was designed and manufactured. It is powered with a built-in battery and is resistant to cooling lubricants flowing around the processed part. The pump is switched on and off automatically giving greater life to the battery. As a result, a single charge is enough for one month of operation.

Vladimir Vermel, Head of the Research Center of TsAGI’s Research and Manufacturing Complex, noted: “Compared to vibration dampers in the form of a shot box, which are used abroad, our technology provides a more significant effect and allows simplification of the milling process of thin-wall parts. In addition to the production of blades, the use of dampers can be effective in manufacturing waffle panels, spars, frames and other low-stiffness parts for aviation construction.”

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