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XIV Scientific TsAGI-ONERA Seminar held in Paris

18 November 2015

At the end of October, Paris hosted the XIV Scientific Seminar organised by the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) jointly with the French Research Institute ONERA (14th TsAGI-ONERA Seminar).

About 30 scientists and specialists of these two world-leading research centers gathered for the meeting. This annual event has been held since 2001, alternating between Russia and France, within the framework of cooperation between TsAGI and ONERA in the field of aeronautics.

During the seminar, the Russian Institute’s specialists presented their work in the field of aeroacoustics, aerodynamics, flight dynamics and advanced areas of research. The specialists of TsAGI spoke about future generation aircraft and their capabilities, new developments in systems and control units, as well as about the current trends in engine-engineering technologies.

Evgeny Andreev, Director of EU cooperation at TsAGI, noted: “TsAGI and ONERA have been cooperating for more than 50 years. These long-term business relationships are a wonderful example of a mutually beneficial exchange of basic research results and an impetus for further steps in the search for promising technologies.”

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