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TsAGI starts endurance tests of SSJ100 aircraft with extended range

30 October 2015

In October, the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky, TsAGI, started endurance tests of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 airframe with extended flying range.

A year earlier, the SSJ100 undocked aircraft (RRJ-95LR-100 certified model) with 95075 serial number was delivered to Zhukovsky at Ramenskoye airfield by the AN-124 “Ruslan” aircraft.

TsAGI specialists performed integration of fuselage, wing panels and fins. A special test facility was also designed and assembled by the specialists of the Institute. It provides simulation of the full range of variable loads which an aircraft experiences during its long-term operation. On this test bench a pressurised fuselage is cyclically inflated up to an overpressure of 0.69 atm, and a flight of 1.5 hours duration is simulated within 5 minutes. The scientists of TsAGI study the effects of variable loads on the fuselage, fins, landing gear, high-lift wing and engine mount both in ground and flying modes.

Vladimir Lavrov, the Chief Designer of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft CJSC, noted: “During the tests all structural components of the aircraft will be tested under multiple loads corresponding to all flight modes, including turbulent conditions. The test results should confirm the design operating life of an aircraft structure, as well as the developed program of periodic technical inspections of aircraft of this type during their operation in the customers’ fleet.”

Konstantin Shcherban, the Deputy Head of the TsAGI division responsible for operational life-proof testing, explained: “The SSJ100 aircraft has an operating life of 10,000 flight hours and 6,000 flights. TsAGI has to confirm the full design operating life of the RRJ-95LR-100 model structure, which is 70,000 flight hours and 54,000 flights. We expect that these tests will last for five years.”

The cooperation between Sukhoi Civil Aircraft CJSC and TsAGI within the framework of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 project has been ongoing since 2001. At one of the leading Russian scientific sites the aircraft structure was tested for the static strength of the samples and individual units, as well as the whole airframe, using the aircraft with the 95002 serial number. The aerodynamic properties of the aircraft were also tested in wind tunnels.

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