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TsAGI examines the strength of composite materials at the microlevel

28 October 2015

In October, TsAGI held the open seminar "Non-destructive methods of investigation of physical and mechanical properties and the bulk structure of composite materials at the microlevel." The event was organised by the Aircraft strength complex of the Institute and gathered together about 40 specialists from scientific and research centers.

The meeting was aimed at developing cooperation between TsAGI and academic, university and sectoral science in the area of research and evaluation of the degradation of polymer composite materials (PCM) affected by external factors.

The participants of the meeting discussed the basic requirements for non-destructive methods of composite materials investigations, high-resolution acoustic methods and their capability to describe the microstructure, properties and dynamics of the destruction of carbon fibre reinforced plastics. The results of studies of composite materials by methods of laser-ultrasonic structurescopy and X-ray imaging, including the studies under mechanical load, were also discussed.

Summarising the results of the seminar, it was decided to continue the joint research project "Development of methods and means of acoustic microscopy for expert diagnostics of defects, microstructure and physical and mechanical properties of carbon fibre reinforced plastics and constructions made of these materials, including aircraft elements." In this project the Institute of Biochemical Physics of RAS (IBCP RAS) is the developer of the methods and means of acoustic microscopy, and TsAGI provides theoretical and experimental support, as well as develops the basic requirements for special-purpose systems of acoustic microscopy. The project is financed by the Russian Science Foundation.

Deputy General Director of TsAGI and Head of the Aircraft Strength Complex Zichenkov Mikhail, said: "The seminar was more successful than we even expected. To have such discussions as regular events, we have included them in the program of scientific and technical conference "The strength of aircraft structures,” which is organised by the Institute every two years. And as early as next year we will have the opportunity to share our new joint achievements."

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