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TsAGI Director General reveals the International Innovation Center Project to be located in Zhukovsky

21 October 2015

On October 16, Sergey Chernyshev, Director General of TsAGI and a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, participated in the forum-exhibition “Aviagrad — New Possibilities,” which was held in Zhukovsky. The Head of the Institute made a report in which he announced the establishment of the international aeronautical innovation center in the science city. The project is a joint effort of TsAGI and MIPT.

Sergey Chernyshev said: “The complex problems that will be addressed at the new site, will be the creation of the industry-specific research-innovation and educational environment for current and relevant research and development in the field of civil aviation, which are oriented to commercial application.” He highlighted the most important components of the developing center: the relevance and efficiency of research, qualified personnel and their specific interests, training as an integral part of innovation, openness and cooperation, and efficient infrastructure.

Dr. Chernyshev also presented the main issues to be faced in the course of operation of the new institution. They include: aircraft concepts, eco-friendly air transport, unmanned airborne systems, control of aircraft, construction and materials, aerodynamics and air traffic flow management, and new manufacturing technologies.

He further noted: “Zhukovsky is a center which brings together talented professionals and a unique experimental base. That’s why the establishment of a center of the ‘Skolkovo’ type in the science city will be a significant advancement in scientific development. This institution will encourage training of high-class engineers and scientists for the needs of the aviation industry, and involve them in the most promising research, creating all necessary conditions for their professional development. TsAGI will be able to transfer part of their projects with foreign partners to the open platform of the center, and this will give great opportunities for the development of specialists.”

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