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TsAGI masters a new composite technology

16 October 2015

In early October TsAGI specialists visited the Premium Aerotec Aviation Plant (Augsburg, Germany). The trip was conducted as part of the cooperation between the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute n.a. N. E. Zhukovsky and the Airbus Group.

During the visit, scientists of TsAGI’s Research and Development Center (RDC) underwent specialist-level training in vacuum infusion with a permselective membrane. This will allow the Institute to produce structural elements of large-scale aerodynamic models from polymer composites (PC).

“It is safe to say that today is the day TsAGI achieved a cutting edge level in the production of composite structures,” explained Yury Evdokimov, head of the Dynamically Scaled Model Department of TsAGI’s RDC. “It is indeed gratifying that we now have an opportunity to use a technology certified for production of PC components. It has already been implemented by the Premium Aerotec Plant in production of many contemporary aircraft, such as the Airbus-380, Airbus-350, Boeing-787, etc. The technology will soon be used by our Institute in model production.”

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