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ICAS 2014 is opened

8 September 2014

  • Murray Scott, President, ICAS Murray Scott, President, ICAS
  • Axel Probst, Executive Secretary, ICAS Axel Probst, Executive Secretary, ICAS
  • Participants of ICAS 2014 Participants of ICAS 2014
  • Prof. Sergey Chernyshev, Executive Director, TsAGI, Member of ICAS Council Russia Prof. Sergey Chernyshev, Executive Director, TsAGI, Member of ICAS Council Russia
  • ICAS 2014 Opening ceremony ICAS 2014 Opening ceremony
  • V. Kargopoltsev, M. Scott, S. Chernyshev, A. Maximov V. Kargopoltsev, M. Scott, S. Chernyshev, A. Maximov

The 29th international congress ICAS 2014 opened in St. Petersburg on September 8. This year the event is being hosted by the Zhukovsky Central Aero-hydrodynamic Institute along with its partners.

Speakers at the opening ceremony included ICAS President Murray L. Scott, ICAS Executive Secretary Axel Probst, United Aircraft Corporation Director Vladimir Kargopoltsev, St. Petersburg government Committee for Science and Higher Education Chairman Andrey Maximov and TsAGI Executive Director Sergey Chernyshev.

ICAS President Murray L. Scott noted that the current congress was a record in terms of the number of scientific papers submitted — in total over 900 reports, over half of which will be discussed during the sessions. He said that in addition to serious achievements in aeronautics, there are still a number of problems connected with accidents, which will take a concerted effort to resolve. “For over 50 years our congress has ensured unique international scientific cooperation. Over the last eighteen months we have been preparing the scientific program of ICAS 2014, and I have to acknowledge the huge contribution of TsAGI and express my gratitude for its part in this process,” the ICAS chief said.

United Aircraft Corporation Director Vladimir Kargopoltsev, in his opening remarks, underlined the extremely important role of the congress in creating contacts between experienced scientists and young specialists. He also agreed with the ICAS president that flight safety is task number one for the entire aviation community.

Chairman of the St. Petersburg government Committee for Science and Higher Education Andrey Maximov read out a greeting from St. Petersburg Governor G. Poltavchenko and noted that the cultural possibilities offered by the Northern Capital would help the congress be a success. He also thanked the foreign scientists in attendance for the fact that, despite the difficult international situation, they had made the right choice and did not cancel their participation in the congress. “This will only strengthen the role of the ICAS in the future,” Maximov stressed.

TsAGI Executive Director Sergey Chernyshev spoke on behalf of the host. “For TsAGI it is a great honor and responsibility to host ICAS. We tried to bring the very best to this event, based on our experience of previous years, and we will strive to ensure the success of the congress and adhere to the traditions established by the founders of ICAS. We hope that the 29th congress will be the most successful,” he said.

A video message from the crew of the International Space Station was a pleasant surprise from the organizers: “We call on everybody to join together to meet the modern challenges of aerospace science. The work of the ISS is a good example of fruitful cooperation. We should build neighborly relations not only in space, but on Earth also. We wish you all scientific achievements that will benefit all of humanity.”

In total, over 700 leading specialists and scientists from the field of aeronautics are taking part in the congress, from countries in Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa. The largest foreign delegations come from Japan, China, Germany, France and Italy.

ICAS 2014 is playing host to managers from NASA, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Airbus Defence & Space, DLR, NLR, NVvL, Honda Aircraft Company, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Israel Aerospace Industries, DLR, AVIC, Safran / Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, Airbus Group, DASSAULT AVIATION, Boeing Russia and other foreign companies.

Participating in ICAS 2014 from the Russian side, in addition to TsAGI, are leading Russian aerospace companies — CIAM, GosNII AS, Gromov Flight Research Institute, Energia Rocket and Space Corporation, Tupolev, United Aircraft Corporation and others.

The congress participants will have a busy week. The daily program of events includes plenary reports and 12 plenary sessions. In total, there will be 48 workshops in ICAS 2014 dealing with current issues in aeronautics. The overarching topic of the reports is the integration of flight apparatus and systems, aerodynamics, materials and constructions, power units, flight dynamics and controls, subsystems and equipment, system design, air movement control, freedom from accidents and safety, environmental protection, and operation and ecological sustainability.

The International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences is non-profit scientific organization with the mission to support international cooperation and the free exchange of information and ideas, including the organization of regular international congresses on all areas of aerospace science and technology. This is the only independent international organization in the field of aeronautics, bringing together 30 countries and most of the key world organizations and companies in the sector. Russia (previously the USSR) has been a member of ICAS since 1967. The country’s interests are represented in the organization by the Zhukovsky Central Aero-hydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI). This year the Congress is being held in Russia for the first time, with TsAGI as its organizer.

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