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TsAGI makes preparations for next working stage of SARISTU project

11 July 2014

Участники проекта SARISTU в ЦАГИ

On July 1-3 the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) was visited by the delegation of European partners within SARISTU (Smart intelligent Aircraft structures) project realized in the scope of the 7th European Framework Program. The purpose of the visit was to meet regarding test preparation of the aircraft wing demonstrator in the subsonic full-scale wind tunnel of FSUE „TsAGI”.

The SARISTU project started in 2011 and united the largest European aviation industry enterprises and research centers: AIRBUS, EADS, DLR, ALTRAN (Germany), ALENIA, CIRA, POLIMI (Italy), Bombardier (Ireland), FASS (Austria), INASCO (Greece), ТЕCHNOBIS (Netherlands), etc. TsAGI is the only Russian participant in this cooperative venture.

The project aims at the development and approval of the new concepts of „smart” next generation airframes, investigation of advanced methods of routine control of airframe strength, and investigation of new materials. In the long view these innovations can become the basis for enhancement of flight safety and noise abatement, as well as reduction of costs for operation of passenger aircraft. The SARISTU project is a follow-up and development of the finished SADE project of the 7th framework program as related to studies of the modern swing-wing structures, which can significantly improve stability and controllability of aircraft during the most hazardous flight modes, and enhance ecological characteristics as compared to currently operated aircraft. The aim of TsAGI in 2015 is to run tests of the full-sized wing demonstrator in the full-scale wind tunnel under conditions that are close to real flight conditions together with partners, as well as to find the answers to the most pressing questions on vital capacity, efficiency and reliability of the new technical solutions.

During the current project stage TsAGI is getting ready for future work. A multifunctional bench was designed, which will be installed together with the wing in the wind tunnel for future tests, during which the limits of aircraft take-off and landing conditions will be simulated.

The head of TsAGI’s power plant aerodynamics department A.Chevagin said: „As regards concentration of innovations and related technical risks, the future facility will probably become one of the most complicated ones in the whole of TsAGI’s test regime. An extremely delicate experiment is required with numerous wing configuration management systems and current structure monitoring systems being attracted. Major requirements attached to any new airframe are critical to flight safety. This determines the purposes of future tests, as well as respective present-day experimental procedure requirements. The coordination of these issues became the objective of negotiations of the project partners, which were held at TsAGI”.

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