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TsAGI took part in the regular meeting of the Russian-Chinese Subcommittee on Cooperation in the Field of Civil Aviation

10 July 2014


On June 24, Deputy General Director for Security of FSUE TsAGI Valery Sukhanov took part in the ninth meeting of the Russian-Chinese Subcommittee on Cooperation in the Field of Civil Aviation and Aircraft Industry. The event was held in Chengdu (China). The delegation from Russia was headed by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Yuri Slusar.

The event highlighted the changes in the aviation industry in Russia, the beginning of the formation of the Research Center named after N.E. Zhukovsky, as well as activities on implementation of the Federal Target Program for the Development of Civil Aviation, the most important contribution to which has been made by the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after Prof. N.E. Zhukovsky.

Deputy General Director of FSUE TsAGI Valery Sukhanov made a presentation as a representative of the Working Group for Science, Technology and Materials, operating under the Russian-Chinese Subcommittee. He spoke about implementation of contracts stipulated by cooperation programs, namely, research in the field of key competencies of the Russian aviation science center — aerodynamics, structural strength, power systems, control systems. Following the discussion, the parties agreed to promote a stable and efficient operation of Russian and Chinese enterprises in the fields of science, technology and materials. In addition, it was decided to establish a National Coordination Center of the Working Group in Russia on the basis of the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after Prof. N.E. Zhukovsky, to manage the implementation of joint science projects. In China, these functions will be performed by the Chinese Academy of Aviation (CAE).

According to Valery Sukhanov, an important outcome of the meeting was the decision to adapt for the purpose of cooperation with China the current forms of interaction between Russian aviation industry organizations and their European partners. Valery Sukhanov noted that “the meeting is of great significance, as for the first time we have arrived at a clear decision on joint creation of widebody, long-haul aircraft, the business concept of which has been prepared by our colleagues from JSC United Aircraft Corporation and Chinese Civil Aircraft Corporation. This creates the possibility of closer and more comprehensive cooperation between Russia and China. A joint aviation conference of Russia and China is scheduled for 2015, and this project should become its key topic. In addition, we are going to join forces with our Asian partners in the preparation of the International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR) in Zhuhai.”

This was the ninth meeting of the subcommittee. The next meeting is expected to take place in 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The Russian-Chinese Subcommittee on Cooperation in the Field of Civil Aviation and Aircraft Industry operates within the Russian-Chinese Commission for the Preparation of Regular Meetings of the Heads of Governments. As part of the subcommittee, several working groups are operating in various fields, including Civil Rotorcraft; Civil Engine Building; Airworthiness; Avionics; Science, Technology and Materials.

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