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A meeting aimed at developing successful cooperation between Russia and France

4 July 2014

On June 24, the House of Scientists of TsAGI hosted a seminar with participation of Russian and French aerospace industry companies. The event was part of the GIFAS mission (The Groupement des industries françaises aéronautiques et spatiales / French Aerospace Industries Association) in Russia. The meeting was organized by the Central AeroHydrodynamic Institute named after Professor N.E. Zhukovsky.

This was the second meeting of Russian and French partners in this format. The key goal of these events is the development of cooperation between the aerospace industry representatives in both countries. In his welcome speech, the executive director of FSUE TsAGI Sergey Chernyshev thanked the French delegation for the visit and noted the importance of continued constructive dialogue and effective collaboration between scientists, despite the difficult global-political climate.

Representatives of local aerospace institutes made presentations, reflecting the main areas of their activity. Sergey Chernyshev told the participants about scientific cooperation between TsAGI and the European Union in the field of aeronautics. There were also reports of the Director General of FSUE CIAM Vladimir Babkin, Deputy Head of Test Center of FSUE VIAM Mikhail Orlov, and the Director General of FSUE GosNIIAS Sergei Zheltov.

Commenting on the meeting, Sergey Chernyshev said: “Successful cooperation always starts with such meetings, when mutual interest is determined, then it is shaped into specific arrangements, and a real cooperation begins. Among the areas of possible joint projects of TsAGI and French colleagues are acoustics, aeroelasticity, strength and new designs, as well as engineering. For example, DASSAULT SYSTEMS has a very interesting situation modeling technology that is not widely used in Russia at present. The possibility of sharing experiences is of great interest to us.”

In turn, the President of GIFAS Emeric d’Arcimoles stressed that cooperation between Russia and France has a long tradition and, according to him, the best way to cooperate is to hold meetings in this format, as they contribute to the beginning of the joint work. In addition, Mr. d’Arcimoles said: “TsAGI is a well-known organization in its field and it has a qualified team with a high level of training in various fields of science to implement new aeronautics projects.”

Conversations between representatives of the Russian and French aerospace industry took the form of a business discussion. As noted by TsAGI specialists, the meeting was effective, at the end of the seminar promising areas for joint research were outlined.

GIFAS — French Aerospace Industries Association — includes over 332 organizations, from major contractors and airborne equipment manufacturers to narrowly specialized companies. GIFAS members are addressing the wide range of tasks, from design, development and manufacturing of aerospace systems and equipment to maintenance and operation.

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