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Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute tests tightness of MS-21 wing

12 October 2012

The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute tested the tightness of an inboard rib (an element of a transverse wing framework) and a joint of an outer panel with a center wing section of an MS-21 wing composite cell prototype. This is the first time such work on composite cells of a wing of these dimensions has been carried out in Russia. Research was conducted in the process of working on a standard technology for joining an outer panel with a center wing section. As a result, the experiment confirmed the operability of the specific technology.

The work was aimed at confirming the specified parameters of tightness of a joint between a center wing section and an outer wing.

Prior to the trials, work was done to join and seal the cell. In the process of joining it was possible to minimize the gaps between the joined surfaces. The technology of sealing with imported materials that have not been applied in domestic practice before has been worked on previously.

The supercharging of a center wing section compartment was done with nitrous oxide, a gas which was selected for a reason, i.e., it differs with high penetration capability and makes it possible to detect even minor sealing defects. The cell prototype was examined with a leak detector and found to be leak free. The study confirmed that the design was fully tight.

In this cell design, fuel placement is proposed both in the outer wing and in the center wing section. And since the cell is made from composite materials, it will meet the more stringent requirements of sealing as compared to a cell from aluminium alloys.

Tests demonstrated that the finished design fully conformed to all preset parameters.

Currently, the experts of the static and thermal strength department of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute, jointly with experts of CJSC AeroComposite are joining and sealing cell No. 2 in the laboratory of endurance tests.

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