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New Compact Fan Technology Developed by TsAGI Specialists

8 November 2012

TsAGI scientists have developed an innovative technology of high-performance compact axial fan systems for air conditioning systems, engine cooling systems and electrical equipment.

New aerodynamic design methods used for fans ensure a combination of such qualities as small axial dimensions and high energy efficiency. The fans have 1.5–2.5 times smaller dimensions as compared to their predecessors, with the same performance, pressure and rather high static efficiency (hs = 0.71). Conventional fans would have around 40% higher power consumption in a similar configuration.

The proposed units are designed to operate in the presence of obstacles located close to the fan outlet which set parameters to the axial dimensions of the flow tube. The use of these fans are optimal in engine compartments of different transport vehicles (helicopters, cars, tractors, locomotives, etc.), in air conditioning and life support systems. This technology enables a new approach to the formation of the air path of these systems, significantly improving their performance, increasing component density of engine compartments and reducing noise levels.

Fans developed at TsAGI are used in the cooling systems of all Russian helicopters.

In the figure: Comparison of dimensions of high-performance fan system in conventional (outlined in black) and new compact (outlined in red) aerodynamic configuration at equal aerodynamic parameters.

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