Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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International Cooperation

High scientific and technical potential of TsAGI specialists, as well as a unique experimental base, allowed the Institute to become an equal partner in international scientific cooperation. Delegations from various countries, which have visited the institute, were able to estimate at their true worth the high quality and the level of fundamental and applied researches performed by the Russian Federation State scientific center.

Presently, TsAGI successfully cooperates with over 50 leading foreign aerospace companies and scientific centers in America, Europe and Asia , including such partners as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Embraer, EADS, CNES, Airbus, Snecma, Dassault Aviation, BAE Systems, Alenia Aeronautica, Agusta Westland, Thales, KARI, HAL, ADA and the world leading scientific research centers NASA, ONERA, DLR, NLR, CIRA, CAE, CARDC, NAL and KIST.

TsAGI continues cooperation with its traditional CIS partners.

Over the past 15 years TsAGI has realized about 450 contracts and grants with foreign companies and scientific research centers at the field of aviation and aerospace researches, connected with wind-tunnel tests of different aircraft elements models and full-scale objects, evaluation of different projects, software development, calculations, design and engineering development projects, design and manufacture of simulators, test rigs and parts thereof.

Since 1995 TsAGI has been participating in the projects of International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) subsidized by the US, European Union and Japan. During this period the Institute has accomplished and is still working on the projects of wake vortex laminarization, aircraft ecological properties, development of passenger aircraft flying wing concept, etc.

TsAGI sees a prospective line of international cooperation in partnering in the Framework Programmes of European Union connected with new aircraft development, flight safety improvement, environmental damage reduction. TsAGI is going to significantly increase its contribution into European research programmes as the partner of the 7th FP within 2007-2012 as well as in the projects like SESAR funded by European Union.

Taking into consideration TsAGI active role in international aerospace projects, the Institute has been appointed as the national contact point at the field of aeronautics aimed at cooperation with European Union.

Nowadays, TsAGI actively participates at the joint Russian-Chinese cooperation programme in civil aviation techniques.

The Institute is a regular participant of the international aerospace shows such as Paris Air Show (France), Farnborougt International (Great Britain), ILA (Germany), Airshow China (China), Aero India (India), International Aerospace Salon MAKS (Russia), etc., as well as specialized exhibitions, conferences and symposia.

TsAGI takes special pride in profound international scientific contacts with the leading foreign research centers. After a twenty-year break, the TsAGI-ONERA scientific technical seminar has restored its operation. The Institute's positions and authority in aerospace scientific investigations and development has made it attractive for scientists and specialists from many countries. Annual international scientific technical forums, which are organized by TsAGI, such as EUCASS conference held under the aegis of European Commission and International scientific technical symposium «Aviation Technologies of the XXI century» (ASTEC) are very popular in scientific aeronautical society.