Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Wind tunnel T-113

Basic parameters

Flow M number 1.75…4.0
Re number per 1 m 26∙106…35∙106
Total pressure 186…687 kPa
Dynamic pressure 50…78 kPa
Stagnation temperature ambient
Run duration not limited
Angles of attack range (α) −4°…24°
Test section dimensions:
Cross section area 0.6 × 0.6 m
Length 1.9 m
Model dimensions:
Length up to 0.6 m
Wing span up to 0.36 m

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General description

T-113 WT is a high-supersonic blowdown strait-through facility with closed test section. The WT is equipped with two ejectors. The operational envelope is implemented by nine removable nozzles.

One ejector is used to realize М = 1.75...3.25. To reduce loads on model and suspension devices in the range of М = 1.75...4.0 the model may be tested with two powered ejectors under reduced total pressure P0 in settling chamber. The WT is equipped with four-component EM balances and a set of strain gage balances to measure forces and moments that act on tested models.


T-113 experimental capabilities allow to:

  • Determine the total balance characteristics of aircraft models and their components;
  • Determine the aircraft controls hinge moments;
  • Measure the static pressure distribution over the aircraft model surface;
  • Test half-wings and empennage models;
  • Test infinite wing span models;
  • Use flow field Schlieren visualization;
  • Perform physical studies (laminar-turbulent transition visualization by China clay, PSP, etc.),
  • Study the supersonic aircraft model near field for the sonic boom estimation.

Technological advantages

Suspension for infinite wing span models allows performing the full range of experimental research.

Practical application

T-113 WT is an experimental facility to test parametrically aircraft, rocket, and aerospace engineering models. In addition the T-112 capabilities are widely used for physical research.