Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Floating catapult

Basic parameters

Catapulting velocity 10...30 mps
Initial height of catapulting 0...0.5 m
Model weight, max 80 kg
Wing span of model, max 3.8 m
Model length, max 4.0 m
Model height, max 1.0 m

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General description

The catapult is an open-air floating installation, it is designed to boost the free flying aircraft dynamically scaled models. The catapult is a П-shaped welded frame structure that is mounted on two cylindrical pontoons. The model is accelerated through pneumatic actuator.


The floating catapult enables performing the following models tests:

  • investigating the emergency alighting on water of landplanes and descent aerospace modules;
  • investigating the flight and alighting on water of airfoil boats, hydroplanes and amphibian aircraft.

Technological advantages

The high-powered actuator enables testing the large-scaled models. The upper model suspension attached to floating catapult carriage enables the low height model catapulting. This enables modeling the vertical water landing in broad range.

Practical application

More than 40 models of landplanes, hydroplanes, amphibian aircraft, airfoil boats and descent aerospace modules were tested during the period of floating catapult exploitation.