Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
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Acoustic chamber RK-1500

Basic parameters

Maximum sound pressure level up to 164 dB
Test section volume 1504 m3
Test section dimensions 14.6 x 9.2 x 11.2 m
Operational frequency range 45... 10000 Hz
Power of sound generators up to 1200 k W
Data acquisition-processing system:
Number of channels 256
Data processing rate up to 200 kHz per a channel
Automatic control system:
Souind pressure spectral dencity control
Load reproduction accuracy ±3 dB
Dynamic control range ±20 dB
Addtional system:
Local insonation system (for 4 zones of a structure) 4 channels
Pressure blowdown system in some tanks and cockpits of a tested structure

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General description

Acoustic reverberation chamber RK-1500 is used for investigation of aircraft strength and fatigue characteristics under acoustic loads in a wide range of adjusted spectral dencity. Test section dimen-sions and volume allow testing of real-scale and full-scale units. Sound pressure field is generated by sound generation system connected with a test section via horns. There is a possibility of insonation of the separate structural parts and pressure blowdown in separate closed tanks and cockpits. There is a special preparatory hall equipped with hoisting cranes for assembling operations, gages installation, defectoscopy etc. Reverberation chamber is equipped wth automatic data acquisition-processing system and control complex for functional-technological control of experiment rate.


The following types of tests are performed in reverberation chamber:

  • strength fatigue and certification tests of aviation and space units in intensive acoustic field;
  • investigation of electronic and mechanical systems checking their functionality;
  • exploration of sound insulation methods and means as well as noise imrpact on human and natural environment.

Technological advantages

  • Tests of large-scale samples with linear dimension up to 11 m under acoustic load in wide frequency range;
  • Automatic control of sound spectral concentration in a rate of experiment;
  • Possibility of insonation of the separate structural parts;
  • Automatic data acquisition and processing through multi-channel digital information-measurement system in a rate of experiment.

RK-1500 is a unique experimental facility because acoustic power and sound pressure level for existing test section 3 4 times exceeds the parameters of analog facilities of the same class in Europe and USA

Practical application

Acoustical tests of large-scale structural elements and addtional equipment of air- and spacecraft.