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TsAGI completes testing of fuselage model tail propeller

Specialists ináthe aerodynamics department atáTsAGI have performed the latest series ofátests onáaáconceptual model ofáaáfuselage ináthe form ofáaárotating body with aátail propeller.

The aim ofáthe tests isátoádetermine the aerodynamic characteristics ofáthe fuselage with aáthrust propeller ináthe tail. The model was tested ináthe TsAGI low-speed wind tunnel Ď-102. During the work, the air velocity was varied, asáwas the angle ofáattack and the slip angle ofáthe model. Atávarious propulsion settings, the unit measured aerodynamic forces and moments acting onáthe model and the propeller.

Asáaáresult ofáthe tests, scientists have identified the presence ofápositive aerodynamic interference, which manifests itself asáaádrop ináthe required power ofáthe shaft which drives the propeller toácreate thrust, compensating for the resistance ofáthe rotating body, located ináfront ofáthe propeller. Thanks toáaáreduction ináthe required propulsion capacity, fuel consumption byáthe aircraft may beáreduced byá8-10%.

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